Poinsett County Office of DHS Trying To Provide A Good Christmas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "What's bad is that children don't understand economics--they just know they want something for Christmas," said Janice Griffin.

Janice Griffin sifts through the wish lists of dozens of Poinsett County kids. With just a few weeks left until Christmas, filling the wishes of children in need is going to be a lot harder this year.

"We usually raise between 12 and 15 thousand dollars, and I've got about 5,500 dollars this year," said Griffin.

Janice is the County Administrator for the Poinsett County Office of DHS. The money they're trying to raise will provide Christmas presents for foster children and children in single parent homes.

Griffin says foster children are their first priority.

"It's bad enough not to have anything at Christmas, but to be without your mom and dad at Christmas....that's a double whammy," said Griffin.

Griffin attributes the drastic drop in donations to a tough economy.  She says they've already had to eliminate some of the children because the money simply isn't there. With the first phase of shopping for these children set to begin on Monday, a harsh reality is beginning to set in, fewer donations mean fewer kids waking up with presents under the tree Christmas morning.

"I'd hate to think of any little child that didn't get anything for Christmas....you know us grownups we're tough--but kids don't understand," said Griffin.

To help the Poinsett County office, you can call 870-578-5491.

Griffin says she suspects other counties are in the same position.

She says if you want to donate to an organization in your community, she suggests calling your local DHS office.