Operation Homefront Teaming Up With Dollar Tree In Effort To Give Kids A Merry Christmas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- The Paragould Armory was overflowing with toys last year, but this year, it's a much different scene.

"Last year at this time we had 26 boxes, Thursday we picked up our first box, and our only box so far," said Carrie Macdonald.

Carrie has been organizing the toy store with help from Operation Homefront.

It's part of Operation Homefront's year round effort to assist military families. This time of year, they team up with Dollar Tree to make sure every child has something to open Christmas morning.

"They can drop off a toy in the box for a dollar. They can provide so much happiness for a child of the military," said Macdonald.

There are different ways to distribute toys collected from around Northeast Arkansas. Macdonald takes the toys collected from the Paragould Dollar Tree, and turns the armory into a free toy store for military families to shop in. This year, her project is taking a hard hit.

"Last year, I felt the need was great, but this year,  I feel the need is much more," said Macdonald.

Last year, Macdonald says more than 40 families were helped. She says with what they have right now, they'll be lucky to help half that. Like so many other organizations relying heavily on donations, Macdonald says an unsteady economy is to blame.

"They come home to unemployment, different types of job issues, and maybe not finding the employment they hoped for when they were over there fighting for our country," said Macdonald.

She says she will open the toy store--it's just a matter of for how many nights.....that all depends on how many toys get donated.

The toy store at the Paragould Armory is open to all military families.

Dollar Trees around Northeast Arkansas are participating, so call your local armory if you aren't able to make it to Paragould.

To find out more specific dates for the toy store you can email Carrie at frgl875th@yahoo.com or call her at 870-212-0833.

Here are just a few items at the dollar store for both kids and teens:



playing cards




picture frames

decorative storage containers

ear buds

shower scrunchies

lip gloss sets

hair brushes

nail care


artificial flowers

make up mirrors