Job Losses Impact Region 8, Find Out What You Should do

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Half a million people lost their jobs in November adding to the almost two million Americans who have lost their jobs this year alone.  The national unemployment rate is 6.7% while the unemployment rate in Jonesboro is only 4.3%.  As evident with recent layoffs across Region 8, there are people looking for work.

"I looked from February to the middle of August for a job and I was looking," said Charlene Colley.

"I looked and I looked.  I have been unemployed since June and I hadn't found anything," said Lauren Adams.

There are hundreds of examples of people across Region 8 that have lost their job or started looking for a job this year.

"We're seeing quite a few people come in.  I would say, on average, probably thirty people a day," said Amanda White.

At Express Employment Professionals Amanda White said seeing people come in who have lost their job is not uncommon.

"We see it everyday.  We know when someone, you know, gets laid off we know it's a burden for them," said White.

Finding a job is not easy.

"I ended up having to work at a gas station and trying to support my family off of minimum wage because that's all I could find," said Colley.

"They're limited.  It's really limited to what kind of job you can find without having the schooling or without having a degree or certain things like that.  It's basically fast food or little what not jobs," said Adams.

If you find yourself laid off there are some things you can do.

"First of all they should update their resume.  Make sure everything is accurate on there, have good references," said White.

When you go to apply for a job take the list of your references with you along with your resume, in the mean time there are other steps you can take.

"A GED you haven't received in the past, some type of vocational experience such as welding is great, CNC machine operator or even a college education," said White.

White said just about every sector of the workforce has been touched by layoffs, but there are still some jobs out there, you just have to find them.

"We will get back on our feet.  You just need to know what to do in the meantime," said White.