Rotary Club's Day of Service

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The 3rd annual Day of Service by the Rotary Club of Jonesboro is expected to have more volunteers, even in uncertain times. In years past, volunteers in the community donated their time to clean up the area. This year, with an economy spiraling downward, more people are donating time by volunteering.

"This is our 3rd Day of Service. We do this in lieu of the holiday party. Rotarians come together for providing service purposes and we wanted to be able to go back into the community that we all love and be able to do something," said Marilyn Hummelstein, Volunteer Coordinator of the Day of Service.

According to Hummelstein, more than 100 volunteers will converge on 14 different projects within the Jonesboro city limits. For a list of assignments, click here.

"I think we are a little bit more than normal last year. We have those that will just come to the auditorium tomorrow that either have been out of town or have not signed up yet, and we have projects that will be going on there as well."

"We have volunteers going to City Youth and help clean out a storage area. We always go back to Rotary Centennial Park and help with a project out there. This year we have people that will be planting ivy in the retaining wall," said Hummelstein.

"Each year, we take one school and we go into the school and read to kindergarten. This year we're at Nettleton Kindergarten, and classes one, two and three. Last year, we were at another school. Next year, we'll choose another, but we focus on one school each year."

The projects take place of the regular Tuesday meeting. According to Hummelstein, most projects take less than an hour, but "will make a world of difference to a child, a senior citizen, a young mother, someone without food or clothing or the thousands of people served by the organizations we're helping."

It's important both ways. I think it gives our volunteers an opportunity to see some of the projects going on in our community and become aware of some of the needs that we have that they would not be familiar with. And then from the volunteer organization that's receiving the services, they can always use as much volunteer service as they can get, and it might create a new volunteer for them down the line."