JPD Releases More Information Regarding Grove Incident on Election Night

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- An election night celebration at a Jonesboro apartment complex turns to pandemonium. Police are called, eight people wind up in jail, and an officer is sent to the hospital. For weeks Region 8 News tracked this story, hearing from the students and management of the Grove apartments. Now, we're hearing from the police.

"I thought this was, you know, we tell the story." Rick Elliot from JPD says, "I need the story told but.... witness says can we scratch that out?"

"When they were asked specifically did you, yourself see, not which part did you hear someone else say they saw, or not which part you thought happened.  What did you, yourself, specifically see.....they didn't see anything," said Captain Lynn Waterworth, Jonesboro Police Department.

In the days and weeks following the November 4th incident at the Grove Apartment Complex, dozens of stories and emails circulated from people claiming to have seen much of the incident unfold. An incident that some alleged included police brutality and racial bias. Police say due to the volatility of the situation, JPD began their own investigation--which included several interviews with witnesses and those making complaints.

"We started trying to pinpoint these people and say, did you in fact witness this take place?  They would say no," said Waterworth.

Police have released portions of interviews with those who made complaints that night, or those listed as witnesses. Police say, in interviews all but two of those who did offer complaints admitted that they did not personally witness any of these alleged events and in most cases were simply restating what had been told to them by someone else.

"I can't say that I saw him get kicked in the face, or hit in the face," said one person interviewed by police.

It should be noted that several of those arrested have previously been arrested for similar actions.  One has a prior felony arrest (drugs) and one had received an eviction notice from the complex the week before, yet he remained on or returned to the property.