Measuring the Air Quality Outside Region 8 Schools

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- What is the air quality like outside Region 8 schools?  A study done by USA Today looks at what they call "the smokestack effect" impacting schools across the country.

Jonesboro is one of several cities across Region 8 that does have several factories and those factories produce emissions that go into the air.  Reports turned into the Environmental Protection Agency by these companies are behind the new study done by USA Today about air quality around our schools.

"Air quality, just like water quality and food quality, are on the list of all things that are important to all schools," said James Dunivan.

Nettleton Superintendent James Dunivan said they are always concerned with anything that can impact their kids.

"We do what we can on the indoor air quality to make it good for the kids," said Dunivan.

Dunivan said they can't do anything about the quality of the air on the outside, it's what comes inside they can try to control.

"In all of our new construction we have carbon monoxide detectors those are linked to fresh air circulators," said Dunivan.

There are requirements on having enough fresh air inside the classroom which is good legislation and we agree with it.  You know, ten years ago we never thought too much about it," said Bob Casteel.

They also use only three products for cleaning and two of them are "green products".  The CO2 detectors are required in new construction and aren't in all of the Nettleton Schools.  That's where teachers, even students, come in.  They keep their noses alert for unfamiliar smells in and around the school that could alert them to a possible problem.