What's Next For Andrew Golden?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Time is running out for Andrew Golden  to appeal the Arkansas State Police decision denying his request for a concealed carry permit. The permit was requested by a person identifying himself as "Drew Grant". Red flags were raised when the fingerprints on the application matched those on file for Andrew Golden--who is now 22.

"Based on the fact of the age of these individuals, when they were prosecuted, the fact that the juvenile courts were the only courts that had jurisdiction over them, and now that the juvenile court's jurisdiction has expired....clean slate," said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Mike Walden.

The law does allow Andrew Golden to legally carry a concealed firearm, but Arkansas State Police denied his request for a permit over concerns about the accuracy of past addresses. Police also cited a 1998 incident. That's the year the Westside Tragedy Happened.

"As a member of law enforcement, it always troubles us when someone who has been convicted of a serious crime, a violent crime, especially one involving weapons reaches a stage where he is authorized to own weapons again," said Walden.

If he omitted information about where he has live as police claim, could he face criminal charges? Deputy Prosecutor Mike Walden says state police have administrative review authority. He says it's up to them to decide if they think a crime has been committed.

"Was it criminally misleading to the extent that they want to try to pursue some type of criminal offense or were they just mistakes," said Walden.

Walden says if they do decide to file charges against Golden, it would probably be a misdemeanor.