The 39th Is Returning!!!

RECTOR (KAIT) A year ago we watched as hundreds of region eight soldiers with the 39th Infantry Brigade deployed to Iraq.

Now they have served their time and are returning to their loved ones.

It's been a tough year both on the soldiers and the families they had to leave behind.

It was hard to say good bye.

"My heart left with them. It was very hard. But I'm looking forward to him being home."

Donna is married to Sgt. Jason Hay a national guard member attached to alpha company in Walnut Ridge. Sgt. Hay is on his second and last deployment.

Hay, "I think that in seven years he's done a lot of service to his country and he's just ready to be home and be the family man."

I asked Donna what she thought Jason was going to be looking forward to the most.

"Getting to hug every body and being right there in the middle."

Being the voice of experience Donna says open discussion is important to help the soldiers re adjust to family life . She plans to use the drive home from Camp Shelby Mississippi to begin the process.

Hay, "I'm sure we'll get to talk quite a bit on the way home. I think that the time will good for us. I'm not going to bring the children. " They have 3.

Tahnee Green's husband Terry is on his first deployment. I caught up with her at ASU just after her last nursing final. They were really just newlyweds when he left.

Green, "The hardest thing was going through the first year anniversary by yourself. It's not a lot of fun."

Adjusting back will be difficult and really getting used to married life makes it doubly hard.

Green, "We really didn't get to live together all that long and when we were together he was gone for 2 weeks home for 2 weeks and so we've never really got to get us in our home and stuff."

What's next for Tahnee and Terry.

Green, "I got my signs up and were going to Las Vegas the week of my birthday."

She bought him a truck too.

Both women are going to Camp Shelby, Mississippi this weekend to bring their husbands home.

Are you glad it's over?  Donna Hay, "Yes, I'm very happy that it's over."

Since the troops are not returning all together, there is no large official welcome planned.

You are encouraged to put out signs and yellow ribbon and we have been told that after the soldiers return and have had time to adjust there are some community events in the works.

We will let you know when these events will be scheduled.