Rescued Dogs Find New Home With NAFA

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- When it's all said and done, officials with Northeast Arkansans for Animals expect to be caring for around one hundred rescued dogs. Friday night, NAFA officials made room for almost 40 dogs. They're coming from a Southeast Missouri puppy mill that's shutting its doors.

"Pet stores are not selling as many pets, therefore puppy mills are not selling to pet stores as many pets. The animals that are left at puppy mills are getting even less care because there's not as much money to care for them," said NAFA director, Wannda Turner.

In tough economic times, fewer people are able to afford another mouth to feed. She says pet stores, breeders, and puppy mills are feeling the crunch of people not purchasing pets. That's in addition to people not being able to afford the pets they already have.

"We get between 10 to 15 calls a week from people, normally from people that want to relinquish their pets, this month alone, that has tripled," said Turner.

Turner says now the focus is getting these dogs into places that can provide emergency foster homes.

"People who's lives during the holiday are going to be very quiet, and they can give 10 days to 2 weeks worth of time for these guys to stay with them until we can find permanent foster care,  or a permanent home for them," said Turner.

If you want to help you can call 870-243-4362.  To catch a glimpse of some of these dogs, you can go to Petco Saturday  from 1-4 where some will be shown off. While donations of money are always welcome, Wannda Turner says things like old towels or blankets are needed and appreciated. Even things like cleaning supplies and newspaper are a great blessing for NAFA.