ASU Graduates Looking at Dismal Economy

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- This month thousands of people will graduate from colleges and universities across the country. As they leave school and enter the workforce, finding a job may be harder than ever before.  Over six hundred people are graduating from Arkansas State University in the winter commencement.

"It is hard to find a job just coming out of school," said Chastan Carpino.

"It's hard to find jobs in the economy, yes, but I think with everything changing there's lots of opportunity you just have to realize that you have to go think outside the box to find jobs," said Sarah Feltham.

"I think it's going to more difficult.  I think there's going to be more challenges just because with less money coming into the economy and that sort, there's going to be more jobs limited," said Andrea Michelle Hester.

"It does worry me a little bit about the economy because I'd like to teach or work at a historic site
 said Brandon Carter.

Finding a job may be harder than ever before because of our down economy.

"I have a friend who works at a museum out in Virginia and they just laid off about ten people about a month ago.  She was one of the few who actually got saved to stay there," said Carter.

Carter said one of the reasons he came back to school was to have a better opportunity for a better job.

"I was unhappy with some of the jobs I had had and was looking for a new change in my life.  I thought I would come back and get my masters, but now that I'm out I'm afraid I'm going to be back to not having a job again," said Carter.

Other students who are still looking for jobs are also looking at their options.

"It's a little scary just going out there and I'm freshly out in the work field so I'm thinking about just going back to school," said Lucreshia Doaks.