Winter Blast Batters Region 8

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- City and state road crews will be working through Monday night in efforts to clear ice covered roads in Region 8.

Frozen rain and sleet has blanketed much of Region 8 over the last several hours.

Erick Woodruff, with the City of Jonesboro, says crews will be working 24 hours, in 12 hour shifts.

State and local officials are urging everyone that if you don't have to be out, the best advice is to just stay home.

If you do have to battle the frozen roads, remember to leave in plenty of time to reach your destination, allow plenty of distance between you and the car in front you, and travel at or below the speed limit.

Many grocery stores in the area were extremely busy Monday night.  Milk, bread, and eggs were hot items as people stocked their shelves in preparation for the possibility of days out of school and off of work.

Stay with Region 8 news as we continue to track winter weather in Region 8.