What's Best To Drive On Icy Roads

JONESBORO (KAIT) Temperatures struggled to get out of the 20's in most parts of Region 8 on Tuesday. That means that a good portion of the roads remain ice covered.
So if you have to get out and get around what is the best kind of vehicle to drive on ice?

The ice has turned to slush at some intersections but for the most part, the roads remain icy. Perhaps we need to use a four wheel drive.

Daniel Willey, Driver "Once you get going you're not gonna stop quick. I mean once you get going on ice you're gonna slide no matter what you're driving. You might be able to take off a little faster but you're not gonna stop any quicker. "

There are many options now for vehicles. You have front and rear two wheel drive, four wheel drive or all wheel drive. Which are not the same thing.

Jon Moore, Gen. Mgr. Fletcher Group, "The all wheel drive winds up giving 30 percent of the power to the front and 70 percent to the rear which sometimes will over power the front. "

Another option is a two wheel drive vehicle with traction control like a Chevy Tahoe.

A push of a button turns it off and on as conditions demand.

Michael Hallmark, Owner, "It allows it to grip as it starts to slip on the road." Especially good on wet and icy roads.

Hallmark, "I think as soon as the vehicle started to slip it made it grip a little bit more and kept me from losing control of the vehicle."

True, there are some advantages to having a four wheel drive.

Willey, "Yeah if you put it in 4wd you can turn easier, make turns the rear end doesn't come around on you. The front end will help pull it around."

My K8 car is a Dodge Avenger. It's front wheel drive and has done pretty good on these slick roads. But I wanted to know what is the ideal vehicle to be driving on days like this.

Jon Moore, "My first recommendation is a four wheel drive vehicle. A great back up to that would be a front wheel drive vehicle. So what ever the direction you're powering the front wheels into that's exactly the direction the car will go in."

Being safe on the ice really boils down to one main factor.

Moore, "It doesn't matter what kind of vehicle you got, 4 WD, all WD, front WD, if you're not a safe driver you're gonna wind up out on these roads and getting hurt. I don't recommend you going anywhere unless you absolutely have to go."

Many accidents on slick roads are caused by driving to fast, not paying attention to the road or just playing on the roadways and getting in over your head.

A car is not a toy and it doesn't take much to get in trouble.