Three Arrests, Three More Suspects

Jonesboro-- A Crimestoppers update. For weeks now, we've been trying to find the men responsible for a series of huge thefts at area Wal-Marts. To date, police say they've stolen over $30,000 in electronics. Jonesboro Police say they are from Memphis. They have enough information to issue a warrant for one of the four. JPD says Rodney Williams is one of those four. If you know Rodney Williams, or have any information as to where he may be, it is worth big money. Call Crimestoppers with your anonymous tip, 935-STOP.

Here's two more chances to tip and get cash. Ronald W. Jones is our first warrant watchee this week. He has 10 non payment of fines and 1 public service warrant out of Jonesboro. Paul E. Kulick has the same number of warrants. He splits them up like this; 5 non payment of fines and 6 revocation of probation warrants. If you know where police can find Paul Kulick or Ronald W. Jones, call Crimestoppers and tell police what you know, 935-STOP.