Teacher of the Month, December

JONESBORO (KAIT) There are miracle workers among us. Perhaps it's a doctor or scientist that makes the great breakthrough.

Or maybe this miracle worker is a little closer to home, a person who is passionate about her calling who helps your child have that all important breakthrough at school that opens up the whole world.

One such person is Decembers Teacher of the Month Shannon Sanders.

For most of us learning how to read was fairly easy. For others the process was and is difficult.

Shannon Sanders is a reading and writing resource teacher at Fox Meadow Intermediate School. Her days are spent helping individual students to overcome reading problems.

Sanders, "I do beginning of the year testing and take each child at their reading level and individualize their reading program for them."

Besides reading problems many of her students face other major challenges.

Sanders, "I have children that are dyslexic, autistic, attention deficit hyperactive, some that have been diagnosed with mental retardation, I have one vision impaired student."

Students that must have his or her individual tailored reading or writing program or both. Challenges for both student and teacher.

Sanders, "I have to think socially what my kids experience when they can't read."

Hayden Chavers is a 5th grader with dyslexia. Till recently, he couldn't read. Shannon has been working with Hayden since the second grade.

Hayden's mom Joey, says her sons progress is nothing short of a miracle.

Joey Chavers, "2 weeks ago my son read to me. And I cried and cried and he cried to find a son that can't read that does read makes her worth every thing in the world to us because that's his future."

Shannon uses the Barton training program to coach Hayden and other students with the same disability. Many now are making great progress.

Joey says it's Shannons dedication that creates these miracles.

Joey Chavers, "It took her to continue forever and ever to want my child to read."

Hayden Chavers, "Mrs. Sanders should be teacher of the year because she helps anybody that needs help."

Sanders, I just have to do what's best for my students."

Shannon sanders, Decembers teacher of the month.

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