Keeping Your Kids Safe: Fire Procedures for Region 8 Daycares

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- After a fire Wednesday at a West Tennessee daycare that injured three children and 2 adults we look at safety procedures at two Region 8 daycares.

"The main drill is they go out the nearest exit and everyone meets in the school age playground," said Learning Tree Daycare Director Jenifer Corn.

"Usually they'll line up at the door and if you do one every month then they know basically where to exit and go about doing that," said Shining Star Academy Director Jennifer Phillips

Learning Tree Daycare and Shining Star Academy follow fire safety procedures for their kids and by law both have their exit strategies posted.

Every single room at Shining Star Academy has a door and next to that door are the procedures for a tornado and fire drill.  There is also a map showing everyone how to get out of the room.

"We have a smoke detector in every room we have three fire extinguishers.  They come through and they inspect them every year.  All the teachers are directed on how to use them," said Corn.

Both daycares do a required fire drill every month, a fire drill Phillips said these three year olds are used to doing.      

"It teaches them how to be prepared when one happens because we also have smoke alarms in the hallway that go off and they make a loud noise," said Phillips.

For the babies, both daycares have rolling cribs that they take crib and all out with them when they have a fire drill.

"Each teacher is in charge of getting their kids out asking for help if they need help getting their kids out," said Corn.

Once they get the kids out, both daycares have a count of their kids that they compare to the roll book to make sure everyone made it out safely.  The daycares know the safety of these kids is the number one priority to all parents.

"It's very important that I know he's taken care of and I know we have the procedures to do that," said Phillips.

"I know as a parent I wouldn't let my children be with somebody that I didn't trust, so we definitely love these kids as much as we love our own children," said Corn.