Star Ratings Rankle Nursing Home Administrations

RECTOR (KAIT) A new report ranking nursing facilities across the nation has been released in the USA Today newspaper including facilities here in Region Eight.

The facilities are ranked from the lowest 1 star to 5 stars just like hotels.

However you need to take a closer look before you judge.

Karen Stafford and her father Maurice Bateman have history with Evergreen Health Care in Rector.

"We knew the quality of the care they gave here because he had volunteered here for many years until he had go into assisted living. "

So when the time came for more concentrated care the family made only 1 choice.

"He needed more care than he was getting there we opted to come back here to Rector which is his home town. "

A report in USA Today ranks this facility with only 1 start out of a possible 5. Administrator Debbie Smith says she doesn't understand the low rating.

Smith, "We just had an annual survey in October from the office of long term care and we did well on it."

Smith asked me if they scored so low wouldn't' the inspectors still be all over them? Their kitchen was rated at one of the 2 cleanest in the state.

The report takes all the nursing facilities in the United States. Ranks them using medicare data which gives them the star rating.

Karen Stafford says she doesn't agree with the rating either.

"I have been in nursing homes before that nowhere near compares to this one. "

Smith, "We're always open to anyone that wants to come in and look. Inspectors, family members, anybody."

From the medicaid website you can down load and print a checklist to take with you on a visit. Some things you need to look for are cleanliness, staff to patient ratio, and residents over all conditions.

Stafford, "I know I see the quality of care and the care they give him and he tells me what all they do for him and so far we are really happy."

If you or a family member are considering moving into a long term care facility the best thing you can do is check it out. There is no way to make a good decision until you actually step foot into the place.