Region 8 Boy Back Home After Spending A Month In The Hospital

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Robbie Irby is a typical 6 year old boy. He's full of life, into everything, and waiting anxiously for Santa Claus; however, just a couple a months ago, 6 year old Robbie was fighting for his life.

"He said, Jesus, please don't let me die, Jesus, please don't let me die," said Robbie's mother, Pamela Irby.

In late October, Robbie was airlifted to a Memphis hospital after he accidentally caught his shirt on fire playing with a candle while his mother stepped outside, she says, for just a moment.

"He looked at me and said mom am I going to die? I said no baby you're not going to die," said Irby.

He would stay in Memphis for just two days before being airlifted to a hospital in Ohio.  He would spend a month recovering.

"The hardest part was watching him hurt because even after he came home, I had to do bandage changes on him twice a day, and there were still some very raw tender areas," said Pam Irby.

Robbie would endure dozens of painful procedures, and by his side through it all was his mom--praying for her young son's recovery.  When the doctors finally gave Pamela the o-k to bring him home, she says those were the sweetest words she'd ever heard. Robbie's been home for about a month....and both Pamela and Robbie agree he's doing remarkably well.

Pamela said she feels blessed that her son is doing better, and that life is returning to normal.