Suspect Swipes Card Numbers from Jonesboro Gas Station

Zach Houston
Zach Houston

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If you swipe your credit card or debit card at the gas station, you want to read this: a fired cashier at the BP gas station on South Caraway allegedly obtained at least 53 credit and debit card numbers, then used at least one to buy goods!

Police say they discovered the cards on 23-year-old Zach Houston after he walked into the gas station intoxicated Saturday night.

BP Manager Tammy Eldridge tells the same story, adding that this kind of activity was very uncharacteristic of Mr. Houston.

In addition to facing public intoxication and possession charges, Zach is accused of stealing at least 53 credit card and debit card numbers, then using the cards. The first two charges are misdemeanors but the latter two are felonies.

"Officers arrested him and found credit cards in his pocket and the list of card numbers in his pocket." says Jonesboro Detective Chad Hogard.

Detective Hogard says in addition to taking some lost-credit cards, Houston was able to print a list of card numbers that had been swiped at this machine. Its not known exactly how many card numbers he got or how long of a period over which he obtained them, but we're told he somehow obtained 3 different passwords required to get this information.

BP management says he should not have had access to this information.

South Caraway BP says if you have used a credit or debit card inside their store over the past few months, check your accounts for possible fraudulent activity. If you swiped the plastic AT the pump, however, you're ok.

Meanwhile, BP management urges customers not to fear shopping there or using the card swipe machine. They have temporarily shut the said machine down to prevent this from happening again, while they search for other ways to prevent it.

As for Zach Houston, Region 8 News spoke with him Monday as well. He said this is all a "misunderstanding."