Jonesboro Family Loses Home And Everything Inside After Mid Morning Fire

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) "My mind was just blank--I was just freaking out," said Brandon Stewart.

Brandon Stewart looks on as Jonesboro firefighters work to put out a fire that destroyed his families home and everything inside.

"We just bought all of the Christmas presents last night and everything is completely gone. The only thing that was salvageable was a blanket--a baby's blanket," said Stewart.

Fire officials say an electrical short in the wall in one of the bedrooms caused the fire. No one was in this apartment when the fire started. It was a neighbor that got help.

"I just did what anybody would do," said neighbor, Robert Tribble.

Robert Tribble says he smelled smoke and at first thought it was his apartment on fire.  He went to get help, and that's when he saw it was his neighbor's home going up in flames.

While the fire destroyed the apartment where it started, the neighboring apartments didn't sustain too much damage.  Tribble says he's happy he smelled the smoke when he did.

"We were just within 2 minutes of walking out the door to take my wife to work. If we would have been gone--there's no telling what would have happened," said Stewart.

As for Brandon, the most important thing, he says, is that no one was hurt. Brandon says the family didn't have renters starting over won't be easy.

If you would like to help the Stewart family, call 870-919-8599