Burrow Lauds New Jonesboro City Hall Presentation

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If you overlook the city of Jonesboro you'll see a number of buildings that have been created by MBC Holdings. Now, they want their next project to be for the city itself: a city council, city hall and justice complex hub in the old Citizen's Bank building on Main Street.

"The thought occurred to us that perhaps this would make a great anchor for downtown as a city hall." says Bruce Burrow.

Not only does he think the extra space will better accomodate the City of Jonesboro, Burrow believes a new city complex could help boost business in the city.

"When we bring industry into an area, they want to see your schools they want to see your university, they want to see your shopping, they want to see your medical facilities, they want to see your chamber,and we've got all those things. What we need is a great city hall." Burrow said.

In addition, Burrow says the facility could function as an anchor facility for downtown Jonesboro, an area experiencing a lot of recent growth.

"I've always contended that the downtown was the heart and soul of the city. In Jonesboro, our heart and soul is coming back and coming back well," he says.

Something Bruce Burrow thinks he can help with a positive impact.

"We just think it's a really unique concept and one that will work well for the city."

Burrow does have the presentation ready to submit and hopes to submit it to the city in the coming year. He hopes that Mayor-elect Perrin and the new administration will be receptive to a new city complex.

No price tag has been placed on the project as of yet.