Missing Boys Found - 1 in Custody for Kidnapping - Murder Investigation Continues

BOLLINGER COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS12)- Late breaking details in a murder investigation we've been following overnight. The Bollinger County sheriff tells us both missing boys have been found.
Overnight there was an amber alert out for 9-year-old Jacob Humphrey and his suspected abductor, 17-year-old John Wilfong.
Tuesday, both boys were in the Patton home where their foster mother was found shot to death.
Sheriff Leo McElrath tells Heartland News.. the two children were found this morning shortly after seven in a home in Marble Hill.
The 17-year old boy was taken into custody as a suspect in the kidnapping of the 9-year-old boy.
The younger boy, 9-year old Jacob Humphry is said to be safe now. Both are currently at the sheriff's department.
Sheriff McElrath says the homeowner of where the boys were last night called his department this morning after seeing Heartland News coverage of the incident last night at ten.
The murder was reported around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon when a man arrived at his home on Highway 51 and found his wife's body in the kitchen.
Still this morning the sheriff is not releasing the victim's name but is now confirming she was shot.