Less than $1 for Gas

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) -- Last September, as Hurricane Ike churned off the Texas coast, Region 8 drivers lined up to fuel up their cars.  Within 24-hours prices shot up 60-cents to nearly five-dollars a gallon.

"Looks like a gas war to me between this place and the place across the street," said Robert Quinn.

"I think it's crazy it's awesomely crazy," said Ashley Vowell.

In Paragould as two gas stations battle it down below a dollar to have the cheapest gas.

"It was crazy back there with people trying to cut in line and stuff and I was like, 'Geez man, this is insane'," said Jason Phillips.

Murphy Express is having their grand opening and just like they did recently in Jonesboro.  They've slashed their gas prices all day spurring the prices even lower, neighboring gas station Citgo is giving them a run for their customers.

"We just filled up the other car and now we're going to fill up this one," said Vowell.

Customers came from as far away as Rector to fill up with this less pricy petrol.  For truck drivers like Gary Davis, this is a big relief.

"I burn a hundred gallons a day, so $1.99 is going to save me $35 dollars," said Gary Davis.

"I haven't been here but about ten minutes myself and it's worth it to fill up for under a dollar a gallon," said Greg Smith.

For many, falling gas prices are a huge sign of relief.

"It was taking me $40 or $50 to fill up my truck and now it is $9 for me $8 for him," said Robert Quinn.

The prices are expected to return to normal at midnight.