Maynard Taking Issue With ATV's

MAYNARD (KAIT) All terrain vehicles are designed to go pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

But one Region Eight town says they don't belong on their city streets.

A street is the wrong place for an atv to be.

Jamey Sullinger, Cox Kawasaki, "They are not designed for public road use paved or gravel. When Kawasaki produced them they made them for off road."

Recently the town of Maynard has had some issues with ATV's.

Mayor Don Sikes, "I've only had reports of two which we identified. If there are any other problems I've not been notified of them."

An atv is clearly marked "Not for on road use", even those with safety features.

Even with seatbelts and a roll cage and a steering wheel a utility vehicle like a Kawasaki Mule, it is still not road worthy it's still an off road vehicle.

"But yes it is totally illegal on any right of way highway or street."

Arkansas law already prohibits the use of atv's on public roads.

Maynard is considering an ordinance to supplement that law.

But we have had them riding on the shoulders of streets and in alley ways and we have had complaints of those. That was the reason be brought forth this new ordinance to deter that. "

By purchasing any atv from a dealer the buyer must sign an agreement to follow certain rules.

Sullinger, "It states that no one under 16 will be using this machinery...not to be operated on public roads."

Not only operating on a road is dangerous for many reasons...getting caught can cost you.

Sikes, "There is a fine involved and possibly a trip to court if you decide not to pay the fine. "

Atv's are practical and fun if used correctly.

Read your manual...keep off the streets...and wear a helmet.

The ordinance goes before the city council at their regular meeting Thursday night.