Grocery Tax Could See Another cut

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Even from the campaign trail Governor Mike Beebe talked about his desire to rid Arkansas grocery shoppers of the tax on food.

"My position's not any different.  I want to reduce it until we ultimately eliminate it but do it in a responsible manner that allows us to meet our essential state services.  I proposed a state budget that does that," said Governor Beebe.

Cutting the tax by another penny is something he feels very strongly about and a tax cut isn't something many will complain about.

"I think it's great when you're on a small budget.  I think that would be great," said Julie Rodney.

"It will help those particularly in the lower income bracket," said R.B. Lemons.

"We're taxed so much on everything it just takes everything you've got," said Mary Birdsong.

The governor sees cutting the grocery tax as a moral issue.  He also says it's something he promised to do in his campaign and he's just keeping his promises

"I think it's important to do that because I think it sends a message to the voters of Arkansas that people are going to try to do what they say they're going to do," said Beebe.

In the current economic situation we're in across the country and in the state, Governor Beebe said this is something we can do.

"I still believe based on current numbers we can afford to cut it another penny," said Beebe.

It's that penny that he says he's sticking to for now.  Any less than that would almost be of no consequence for shoppers.

"I think it's important.  I don't know how you can go much less than a penny and still try to do what you're trying to do," said Beebe.

He said this proposed cut would be just another slice out of the grocery tax and this cut won't be the end of his mission.

"I'd like to do away with the other 2 and 7/8's.  You know we've got 1/8th from the people, but I'd like to do away with all 2 and 7/8's today but we can't do that with the balanced budget that I put forth," said Beebe.

For shoppers just trying to pay for their groceries any tax relief is a big relief.