Need for Nurses - The Demand in Region 8

January 12, 2009 -

As the economy heads in a downward spiral and more and more jobs are lost, it's the healthcare sector that is flourishing.

Denise Boles with NEA Clinic says there's a never ending job placement.

"That's something that I think the economy is never going to hit as hard as it has in other areas.

Sue McLarry, the Chair of ASU School of Nursing, says this year there is a huge increase in nursing students but mainly one group.

"These are students who have a degree in another field and they have decided to come back and do nursing. Because there are really no other jobs in the field they are in, there are no opportunities for growth."

But because so many are now interested in being a nurse, students will find it harder to get in the program.

"We don't have enough clinical space and we don't really have enough faculty...we can increase that some but there are limitations as to how much we can increase it due to funding."

When a student gets into the program, they know one thing is certain.

"You can find a job and you are pretty much guaranteed a job when you graduate."

But switching professions isn't easy and going back to school is not cheap.

Roger Bruner says there are ways to intice you to go back to school.

"Our hospital offers scholarships to people coming into the nursing program, we offer loan paybacks, we offer different types of incentive plans for them, or recruiting bonuses for example if they recruit another nurse to come in...and hopefully that sets the tone to where they are coming into the profession and they know they made the right decision."

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