Get Your Car Ready For Winter Cold

JONESBORO (KAIT) With the prospect of single-digit temperatures is your car up to the challenge?

Since many of us have to leave our cars outside, you might need to take a few extra precautions this week.

When the temperature dips into the single digits your car may be reluctant to do...anything. What do you have to do to keep your car running in the cold?

First off, check that antifreeze.

Willie Rose, Cavanaugh Ford, "Check your antifreeze to make sure you have plenty of antifreeze to where it will sustain a zero degree temperature. Check your antifreeze mix you should have a 50/50 mix."

Newer cars have a reservoir but many of us still have cars with radiator caps to open.

Rose, "My recommendation is that you check it when it's cold. Then take the radiator cap off then that way you would be sure there would be no pressure in the vehicle then you can take your tester and check your antifreeze."

Proper tire inflation is important as well for driving on slick roads.

Rose, "Under-inflated it means the outside of your tire is rubbing the ground. Over-inflated you just have the inside. You want the proper inflation to get the whole tire on the ground."

No matter how old or how young your vehicle is, you probably need to get your battery checked before the really cold weather sets in. Because even a 2009 with less than a thousand miles on it , Using a tester we found it had a bad battery.

Rose, "The recommended cold cranking amps is 650 amps it only shows 362 the battery needs to be replaced."

Since most of us don't have battery testers all we can look for is corrosion and loose connections a shop or auto parts store needs to check the battery itself.

Other things to check for is to make sure all your lights are working correctly. And an important safety tip is look closely at those wiper blades.

Rose, "During the winter time you want to check your windshield wiper blades and make sure that the rubber is still nice and soft and pliable to the windshield. Make sure the rubber is not broken off and well clean before the ice and snow get on there."

If the wipers are frozen make sure you defrost the windshield before turning them on. Use deicer to speed up the process not a bucketful of hot water.

Rose, "It always sounds nice unless you want a bunch of broken glass all over the place. It is not recommended."