Quick and Easy Tips To Help Avoid Weather Related Problems In Your Home

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "You start getting two or three days in a row and you don't get above freezing--you got problems," said Danny Nuckles.  Danny Nuckles is a plumber.

Frozen pipes are a costly concern as sub-freezing temperatures linger.

"We'll probably get 150 calls on Saturday," said Nuckles.

Plumber Danny Nuckles offers a few simple tips to help avoid having to call a plumber this weekend:

Unhook the water hoses outside

Make sure vents around your house are closed

Open up those cabinet doors to let heat reach the pipes--especially in the bathroom.

"Some older homes don't have siding around the bottom, even if you just put plastic around the bottom...anything to keep air from moving under the house will keep them from freezing," said Nuckles.

At Barton's, Barry Barkley says customers have heard the cold weather warnings and he says they're getting ready. He also has tips to help keep those pipes from freezing including:

Leave faucets dripping

Put covers on exterior faucets in your home.  If you haven't bought any, use towels.

Barkley says make sure those crawl spaces are closed up as well.

"Your garage is going to be a lot colder than your house because your walls aren't insulated.  If they can throw a blanket or anything just to insulate these pipes when the weather gets so cold, maybe that will keep the pipes insulated and keep them from busting there," said Barkley.

Barkley adds, if you're using a space heater, be mindful of it's placement. He says make sure it's not near anything that can catch on fire.