Senator Tim Hutchinson Remarks

The following are remarks from U.S. Senator Tim Hutchinson (R-Arkansas) on the vote to authorize the use of force against Iraq.

"The decision to authorize the use of force is a very grave one. However, I believe that this resolution is not only warranted, but necessary in order to protect our nation. We are rapidly reaching a point whereby the risk of utilizing military force is outweighed by the danger that Saddam Hussein poses to the American people.

"In Saddam Hussein we are facing a menace that has long expressed hatred of the United States, established links to international terrorists, and acquired large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

"In the past decade, Iraq has stood in violation of 16 different resolutions. The world community has spoken strongly and frequently against Saddam Hussein. Saddam's response has been continual deception and defiance. He has been accorded every opportunity to cooperate with the international community and he has refused.

"While my greatest hope is that military action will not be necessary, it may be unavoidable. This resolution is a statement that the risk posed by Iraq is unacceptable. It is a statement that we will not allow international outlaws to threaten our nation. It is a statement that we will not sit back in the face of growing danger."