Low Cost Care for Animals

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Northeast Arkansans for Animals provided low cost vaccinations and health screenings Saturday to animals in care of low income individuals.

"It is very expensive to go to a regular vet," said Linda Webb.

Webb has been taking advantage of the low cost clinics for 3 years. She said her 6-year old dog, Spunky, benefits greatly from the program, which is aimed at providing low cost health care.

"I wouldn't be able to take care of my bubby, Spunky. Spunky is my baby," said Webb.

Webb is just like several people around Region 8 who have hit hard times. Wannda Turner, Director of NAFA, said Saturday's 4-hour clinic was designed to give low income families, the elderly and other people who live on a fixed income the chance to have a healthy pet.

"It just helps for those people who cannot afford to seek veterinarian care at a vet clinic. However, anytime there's anything other than just routine shots, they are then asked to go see a veterinarian," said Turner.

"We don't provide full veterinary care but we do try and provide the necessary vaccinations. Particularly rabies which is required by law," said Dr. Jack Jones.

Jones has been a veterinarian for the last 50 years. Each year is important, but he said this year is especially important.

"For people who are aged or poverty stricken, or infirmed, whatever the need is that they don't have the money for regular veterinarian care," said Jones.

Webb said Saturday's clinic was a blessing she can afford.

"I know that my dog is getting love, I know that he's getting care, and if I can't afford to give him the treatments," said Webb.