Salmonella Outbreak

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and various state agencies are investigating a deadly salmonella outbreak, already blamed on killing 6 people. Health officials believe the outbreak, which has sickened at least 470 people in 43 states, is linked to products made with peanut butter. No cases of salmonella poisoning have been found yet in Region 8, but those same peanut butter products have. 4 cases of salmonella poisoning have been diagnosed in Arkansas.

Officials with the FDA Tuesday continued its investigation to find the source of the contamination. According to the FDA's web-site, the administration is "conducting a very active and dynamic investigation into the source of the Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak." The FDA said strains of salmonella have been discovered in samples tested in a plant owned by the Peanut Corporation of America.

Click here to read the FDA's investigation and a complete list of recalled products.

Jars of peanut butter are not subject to the recall.

"We have had a few people within the last week and we've let them know about the recall and what we plan on doing about it and we let them know which truck day they're going to be in and we'll have them on the shelf as soon as we get them in," said Garrett Combs of Hays Supermarket.

Combs said Tuesday the Hays Supermarket on Nettleton in Jonesboro has pulled all recalled items from store shelves. He said some items with peanut butter are still on shelves, but those have not been placed under recall by the FDA.

"It was just one company that had a recall and it was the companies that manufactured from those as in Austin, Keebler, Little Debbie, they all was recalled, anything else that was not affected we've left as is," said Combs.

"It's just a really scary thought to be, you know, we have no control over that. We trust the food industry to put things out there that are safe for our kids to eat and we just trust that, and I mean, that's just kind of a breach of trust," said Ashley Cupp.

Cupp is a mother of two sons, Garrett and Gavin. She said she often purchases snack cakes and crackers made with peanut butter. She said the safety of her family comes first. News of the peanut butter recall came as no surprise.

"I trust the system pretty well. They had a recall not too long ago on peanut butter itself and that was gone for a while and now it's back and I feel that they are trying to find the root of the problem. I feel like I trust the system and we'll probably buy them again when they get put back out," said Cupp.

"We had the Austin peanut butter crackers. We pulled all them off and we are sending them back to the warehouse and they're going to send us replacement items for those," said Combs. "We also had the Little Debbie cake mix, excuse me, the cakes, they've already picked those up, sent them out and replaced those as well."

"We have everybody pulled out and I don't believe we had any on the shelf at the time," said Combs.

The FDA said if you have a peanut butter product that is under the recall, throw it away immediately.

"Once the company gives us the okay on it and they send it back to us on our truck, then we'll get it back on stock, back on the shelves and get the tags put back up and hopefully not have any more problems with it," said Combs.