Educational Inauguration

JONESBORO (KAIT) Millions of Americans-- both young and old-- gathered around their televisions and computers to watch history unfold.

For students here in region eight--today's inauguration was a history lesson they will never forget.

But the historical significance of the event came through loud and clear.

Whether it came over the Internet or the television. Today's inauguration was tailor - made for educational purposes.

Dr. Rusty Clark, Principal Microsociety Magnet School, "This is a wonderful teachable moment and we can build off of this. We learned that each president can be unique in the fact that they can do their ceremony a little different and at the same time have it the same."

The Microsociety Magnet School is a town unto itself including elected officials. I spoke with the "mayor" and asked her how she felt about today's proceedings.

Michaela Walker, "I'm pretty lucky to see him sworn in because he's the first African American president and I'll think he will do a good job."

This was the first major election that these young people have watched unfold.

Cameron Lawson, "Like my third year ever watching it and now this is the exciting year cause his speech has changed the way everybody act."

Today's event is kind of like a I asked would you rather have a king?

Walker, "I think it's better to have a president because they actually hear our voice and let us choose."

I sat with a 6th grade class and we watched the actual swearing in but I was just curious. Do the younger kids get it? so I went down the hall to a first grade class just to find out.

Mrs. Caldwell's class was on their toes. They had watched the inaguration, knew the presidents name and had definate opinions as to how it would be to be the president.

I think the day really hit home to "Christian" as he quoted Dr. Martin Luther King to me...

"He said that his children will live in a different place where they won't be judged by the color of their skin."

Even the first graders understand how important today is.