Animal Advocates Hope To Be One Step Closer to No Chain Law

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- In it's second reading by the Jonesboro City Council, no one spoke out in opposition to an ordinance that would prohibit tethering dogs to a stationary object. "Nearly 75% of the children or the people that are bitten, are bitten by dogs that are on chains or are tethered," said NAFA's Wannda Turner.

Wannda says passing this ordinance would create a better life for animals, it's also a safer environment for people.

"It's sometimes hard to see that a dog is chained until it's up on top of you," said Turner.

A third and final reading, and ultimately a decision on the ordinance is expected at the next Jonesboro City Council meeting in two weeks. If the ordinance is passed, it will go into effect after 30 days. If found out of compliance, a fine of $35.00 will be issued on the first offense, $100.00 on the second offense,  anything after that a fine of $450.00 and a summons to appear in court will be issued. Each subsequent offense will result in a $500.00 fine, a summons to appear in court, and the potential of having a pet permanently removed.

"It's just so inhumane for an animal to have to live tethered 24/7," said animal lover, Jennifer Jasinski.

While Jennifer Jasinski lives just outside the Jonesboro City Limits, she says she's an avid animal lover, and hopes the ordinance passes not only for the animals, but for the safety of the community.

"I can't understand why anybody would have a dog if that's the way they were going to make them live," said Jasinski.

If the ordinance does pass, tethering a dog even on a trolley system for 24 hours still won't be legal; however, Wannda Turner says having a trolley system with more room to run instead of tethering it to a stationary object is, at least, a step in the right direction.

"It's more exercise, the dogs are happier, and the dogs are safer," said Turner.