Ten Years Later: Remembering the Storm

PLEASANT PLAINS, AR (KAIT) -- Ten years ago on January 21st, 1999 the town of Pleasant Plains was hit by at least two tornadoes.

"The first one hit south of town and the second one hit about an hour later," said Verna Stoudar.

"We were in the storm cellar for about five hours that night because several tornadoes were coming through," said Gretchen Smith.

Stoudar and her husband run the local hardware store and both were gone when the tornado hit.

"The front of the store looked ok and then when we drove to where the trailer was the trailer was a total mess," said Stoudar.

This is video from right outside of pleasant plains after the tornado came through but now things have changed.

"Everyone has fixed their homes back built back except for one lady and she built in a different location," said Smith.

While most visible signs of the storm are now gone, residents can still picture how they used to be.  For the people who live here, it looks different driving through their town than it did in January of 1999.

"For the most part other than some woods on some back country roads for the most part you can't tell that it was ever here," Smith.

But one thing they can tell is the quality of their community.

"I think the people are closer together.  Everybody pitched in and helped everybody," said Stoudar.

In fact, several organizations like the veterans of foreign wars donated money to get the job done.  These tornado victims say they always worry when storms roll through the area and they pay very close attention during severe weather season.

"We just hope another one doesn't come," said Smith.