January Teacher of the Month

CAVE CITY, (KAIT) For many teachers it seems they are locked in by all the rules and standards they must abide by.

Strictly teaching for the test out of the book.

Januarys Teacher of the Month combines his love of the outdoors with school lessons.

Out of the book, and out of the classroom.

Ed Turnbough, from Cave City Middle School. "I see a need to get the children out doors today. You can incorporate the bench marks and outdoor activities."

Granted it was snowing the day we were in Cave City so it was a regular class day but looking around Ed Turnbough's class room tells you a lot about his teaching year starting with the rockets.

Turnbough, "Every child gets a kit we put together we launch. We have two fishing derbies, I teach them how to cast and tie hooks, the kites, they love the kites. The archery things like that we do that normally they would not have got to do."

A veteran of 28 years of teaching, Turnbough decided to change his style and step away from the book a bit.

Shanae Snow, 6th Grader, "In magnet class we have built CO-2 dragsters, and the magnet class last year went camping and they shot bows."

Most of these outdoor events take place right behind the new high school. Ponds and nature trails just for educational purposes.

Turnbough, "I'm more of an outdoor teacher than indoors."

Since he generally teaches all of the sixth graders anticipation runs high in fifth grade.

Turnbough, "Fifth graders are already wondering how you get into the science magnet and already talking about rockets and things like that that they get to do."

Josh England, "He's not just reading from the book and telling you to memorize this and this. He's connecting with the students."

Turnbough, "I know I don't reach everybody but every once in a while I'll see somebody gives me a really great answer or things like that and I know I'm getting through to some of them."

Turnbough says he appreciates all the help he gets from the school and the community. He reflected a little on his unusual teaching style.

"I try to make it interesting. Sometimes I get a little too entertaining and get off the subject now and then but I do still love teaching."

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