Could Jonesboro Soon See More Sidewalks?

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- "I think definitely we'll be looking at sidewalks in 2009," said Jonesboro Mayor, Harold Perrin.  While it's a costly project and one with no quick fix, Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin says it's an issue that needs attention.

"The basis of that would be safety for our people," said Perrin.

Perrin says Bridge and Word Street in Jonesboro will see sidewalks or sidewalk improvements this year. Those improvements will be funded by grants.  In addition, Perrin says he's setting up a capital improvements committee that will also look at the issue.

"What I want to do as mayor is visit with developers in the community...commercial as well as residential, and lets look and see if we can put the sidewalks in there. Certainly it would drive up costs, but I think it's something we all in Jonesboro would want to look at," said Perrin.

Avid runner Vanessa Deveney remembers losing close friend and fellow runner, Bobbie DeeAnn Shoemaker last year. Dee was hit by a car while they were jogging on East Highland. Vanessa says she hopes too see more sidewalks soon, and that if they are there, people will use them.

"I hope for less accidents, less fatalities because it hurts a family," said Deveney.

Meanwhile, Perrin hopes to find more ways to fund future sidewalk problems when he visits Washington later this year.

Tips for pedestrians:

use sidewalks and crosswalks when possible

stay out of the street

walk against the flow of traffic

wear bright colored clothing

don't use headphones

Tips for Drivers:

Limit distractions such as text messaging

Watch out for and stop for pedestrians in the street

use extra caution around schools

be prepared for pedestrians in any area