Batesville School Computers Plagued By Virus; Now Back on Track

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The Batesville School District struggled with a computer virus that affected the entire district's computer system, but has since overcome it.

Curriculum and Instruction Director Debbie Miller said at Monday's school board meeting that representatives from the state Department of Education even came to the school and stayed for a week to be certain things were back on track.

It is unknown how the virus infected the computer network.

Region 8 News spoke with Superintendent Ted Hall. He says there are no leads on what caused the virus or where it came from. Hall adds that it was so widespread, every computer in the district had to be scanned.

But the school is working to prevent this again, "One thing we've done, we will be putting more complex passwords in." Superintendant Hall added.

Computer viruses are often transmitted through e-mail attachments, according to Microsoft's Help and Support website.

Most help websites urge e-mail users to avoid opening unknown attachments, even if they are from people you know.