String of Armed Robberies Hits Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Jonesboro police need your help solving another string of crimes.  Between Friday and Sunday a home and two businesses were robbed at gunpoint.

"We had a black male walk through the kitchen and walk to the back of the restaurant.  When the manager confronted him he pulled a weapon and led her back up to the front of the store and then robbed her," said Detective Mike Branscum with the Jonesboro Police Department.

Both of the businesses were robbed right at or after closing.  According to police, the Cici's Pizza robbery took place after all the customers were gone.

"They were armed with weapons and actually battered one of the employees and then robbed the store of a certain amount of cash," said Branscum.

But before either of these robberies happened, a house was robbed at gunpoint off of Race Street.

Jonesboro Detective Mike Branscum said it's unusual to have that many robberies, especially in such a short time.

"We believe there may be some evidence that we're looking into that could possibly link the Sonic Drive-In and the Cici's Pizza robbery to the same people," said Branscum.

Another link in these crimes is the way the crooks entered the businesses.

"In both of these robberies the door was not locked at the time the suspect entered the business," said Branscum.

There are things you can do to protect your business.  For example, make sure all exterior doors are locked after closing time.  He also said if you find yourself in a hold-up, you should do what you are told.

"If somebody's got a weapon and they're threatening physical harm to you or even if you just believe they have a weapon and they're committing a robbery, you should really go ahead and do whatever they ask you to do," said Branscum.

Police have no suspects at this time.  They do need your help finding the robbers in all three of these cases.  If you have any information about any of these crimes, call Crimestoppers at 870-935-STOP.

When captured, the crooks in the Sonic Drive-In robbery will face aggravated robbery charges.  The two men who robbed Cici's Pizza will face aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, and commercial burglary charges.