911 Center Moved by Power Outage

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) -- For most of the Tuesday, Lawrence County Communications was operating under their emergency plan.  When their generator failed at the county courthouse they had to act quickly to protect residents who depend on them.

"We lost our phone lines and everything else.  Then we went to our alternative site at the Walnut Ridge Fire Department and then we operated there the rest of the day," said Steve Jones.

911 calls were transferred to Randolph County and service for residents was not interrupted.

"They'll still get an experienced operator in Randolph County and then they'll transfer the call to us and then everything went like it should," said Jones.

Down lines are the biggest problem and with about 80% of the 18,000 people without power, the next few days will be very long.  With so many in the dark and in the cold officers spent part of their day checking on residents.

"The street department will be out all night we'll do welfare calls all night and take calls as they come in," said Walnut Ridge officer Blake Liscomb.

There are lines down all over the city several trucks are in walnut ridge working on the power situation so be patient.