StarTek Opens Doors to Employees' Families

Jonesboro, AR-StarTek located in Jonesboro, has come to the rescue by opening their facility to employees and their families impacted by the ice storm and subsequent power outages. The facility currently has several dozen people that have sought shelter at the facility located at 2908 S. Caraway Road.

"We have approximately a dozen children and of course spouses and older siblings," said David Phipps, Site Director.  "We provided lunch today and pizzas for employees last night and are trying to make sure everyone is warm and comfortable.  It is our understanding that crews are working diligently to restore power to the area but until then employees are welcome to bring their families who are without power."

The StarTek site is operating on generators. The facility will also accommodate an overnight stay if necessary. The Joneboro site employs approximately 600.

"As a company StarTek has a history of providing shelter for our employees and their families," continued Phipps. "We have done similar sheltering at other sites when needed around the country. We want to make sure our employees and their families are safe and for them to know they have a place to go.

About StarTek

StarTek, Inc. (NYSE: SRT) is a leading provider of high value business process outsourcing services to the communications industry.   Since 1987 StarTek has partnered with its clients to solve strategic business challenges so that fast-moving businesses can improve customer retention, increase revenue and reduce costs through an improved customer experience.  These robust solutions leverage industry knowledge, best business practices, highly skilled agents, proven operational excellence and flexible technology.  The StarTek comprehensive service suite includes customer care, sales support, complex order processing, accounts receivable management, technical support and other industry-specific processes.  Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, StarTek provides these services from 20 operational facilities.  For more information visit the Company's website at www.StarTek.comor contact us at 800-541-1130.