Power on in East Pocahontas, Fuel Sites, CO Hazards

We have the following updates at this hour:

In hard hit Randolph County, areas in East Pocahontas now have power, including the Wal-Mart Supercenter and Murphy gas station, along with a few eating establishments.

The following gas stations are open:

All Kum & Go's locations are open with gasoline/diesel and accepting cash/debit/credit cards, EXCEPT locations in Bono, Brookland, Black Rock, and the North Church St. location in Jonesboro

KJ's Oasis on Hwy 1 South: open now with fuel, but running low on unleaded.  Have plenty of premium unleaded and diesel.  Expecting another truck

Kroger on Caraway Rd in Pocahontas

Murphy Express in Jonesboro and Paragould

AJ's in Paragould open with gas

Mr. T's in Cardwell, MO open with gas

Hangar #1 at the Jonesboro Airport has Kerosene

The E.R. at St. Bernards has reported an incident of carbon monoxide poisoning requiring a family to be resuscitated with emergency room treatment.  They urge the public to strictly follow rules involving generators and especially alternative heat sources that should NEVER be used indoors such as charcoal grills.   Carbon monoxide can build up to toxic levels in enclosed spaces in a matter of minutes.

Carbon monoxide detectors are still available at locations such as Wal-Mart and Lowes.