KAIT Goes Dark Wednesday Night With Backup Generator Failure

JONESBORO (KAIT) - Facilities at KAIT-TV are not immune to the ice storm either, even with the best-laid plans.

Station VP/General Manager Tim Ingram related the challenges facing station personnel Wednesday evening to produce a newscast at 10 pm, after a total generator failure around 6:45 pm.   The station had been without normal power since Tuesday night.

"We were still able to produce a show by connecting power to a mobile generator on one of our live trucks and using 2 lights, a camera, and a microphone," explained Ingram.

A 'reconditioned' generator was installed overnight, allowing KAIT to resume broadcasting its normal signal, but is running critical operations only.

KAIT's phone and Internet services continue to be disabled at this time due to damages to infrastructure leading out to the station.  kait8.com and Region8togo.com updates are being conducted from the TripleFM studios and with the assistance of additional Raycom stations outside our affected areas.

UPDATE: KAIT's phone and Internet services are currently back up at this hour