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Complete List Of Arkansas School Improvement Schools

October 15, 2002
Posted at: 5:30 p.m. CDT


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Schools in the first year of school improvement under federal guidelines must offer students the option of enrolling elsewhere at their school district's expense. Schools in the second year of improvement must offer the choice to attend another school in the district as well as supplemental services such as tutoring.

Region 8 School Boldfaced


Bright Star Elementary
Cotton Plant High
Dermott Elementary
Dermott High
Elaine High
Eudora High
Carnall Elementary
Sunnymede Elementary
Tilles Elementary
Fountain Hill Elementary
Gould High
Grady Elementary
J.F. Wahl Elementary
Eliza Miller Middle
Anna Strong Middle School
Lewisville High
Bale Elementary
David O. Dodd Elementary
Fair Park Elementary
Henderson Middle
Mabelvale Elementary
Mabelvale Middle
Mitchell Elementary
Southwest Middle
Marvell High
McNeil High
Lynch Drive Elementary
North Heights Elementary
Osceola High
Southeast Middle
Murrell Taylor Elementary
Scotland Elementary
Timbo High
Strong Elementary
Waldo Elementary
Weaver Elementary


Earle High
Baseline Elementary
Chicot Elementary
Stephens Elementary
Wakefield Elementary
Watson Elementary
Rose City Middle
Lake View Elementary
Lucilla Wood Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Wonder Junior High


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