Latest Information from Craighead County OEM


- The Craighead County OEM held a meeting Thursday to update the public on the current state of recovery in Craighead County. This information is extremely important.

Boil Orders From 3:45 Press Conference:
LawCo Regional Water System
Black Oak


All Hotels and Motels in Jonesboro have been booked.

Police are using the ASU convocation center as the county's primary shelter.

The OEM says it will be the largest shelter in Craighead County.

All people who have medical needs are urged to go directly to the convocation center.

Officials expect the same number of people to stay at the Convocation Center tonight as did last night, when roughly 300 sought shelter.

Anyone who was staying at either the Eagles Lodge or St. Bernard's Auditorium have been moved to the convocation center.

The city of Bono has opened its senior center as a shelter.

The Baptist Men's Group has set up a grill at Fire Station #1 in Jonesboro.

They are feeding volunteers and others who need food.


Jonesboro City, Water and Light expects majority of customers to be back up by the end of the weekend.

However, the Craighead Electric Co-Op says things are worse than they expected. They originally reported 2,000 downed utility poles.

That number is now up to 3,000 or more.

In one 5 mile section covered by the co-op, 85 poles were on the ground.

The Craighead Electric Co-Op says it could be a week or more before all of their customers are restored.

All cities within Craighead County besides Bay and Jonesboro are under a boil order for their water.

The city of Black Oak is entirely without water.

Caraway is nearly without water.

Residents live in those areas are asked to ration if you can.

For anyone who needs a generator, Lowe's hardware store just received a truck load.

Sanitation routes are running a day behind. Crews should be back on schedule by the weekend.


The OEM is extremely concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning.

Four people went to the hospital overnight suffering from symptoms.

Warning signs include dizziness, nausea and headaches.

If you start to feel sick, go outside and get fresh air.

The OEM is also warning residents who use generators to make sure they use them properly. The Jonesboro Fire Department responded to two house fires overnight.

Police say people need to pay attention to fallen trees and power lines even as the ice begins to melt.

Legacy Landfill is not accepting debris. Anyone with trash or limbs is asked to clear the debris and move it off their yard.


Gas stations are running out of gas within Jonesboro.

Grocery stores and fast food restaurants have power; however, because power was out for so long a lot of their food has been spoiled.

Craighead County Judge Dale Haas says the Jonesboro courthouse will be open Friday.

The courthouse in Lake City will be closed Friday.

**Important. The Office of Emergency Management says people need to be aware of scams when it comes to cleanup. Several people have come to the region claiming to be with FEMA. To check if those workers are authorized call this number. 870-933-4502.

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