Arkansas Forestry Commission Chainsaw Crews Activated

LITTLE ROCK, AR ( - Arkansas Forestry Commission has 40 to 45 personnel working in storm damaged areas.  Most are on chainsaw and 'dozer crews working to clear storm debris from roadways to allow emergency crews into disaster areas.

Arkansas Forestry Commission is sending a 10K generator and technician to Manila, Mississippi County, to power the water and sewage pumping station.

Nine AFC employees on chainsaw crews are in the Springdale area for cleanup.

Four AFC employees on chainsaw crews are in Washington County for cleanup.

Four AFC employees on chainsaw crews are in Newton County for cleanup in the Jasper and Compton areas.

Five AFC employees are on chainsaw and 'dozer crews in northwestern Franklin County clearing the roads to Bowles Mountain AWIN* site.

Three person AFC chainsaw crews are in Stone and Lawrence Counties

A four-person AFC chainsaw crew is in Sharp County.

Three-person road clearing crews are Fulton and Marion Counties using chainsaws to cut through fallen timber and using 'dozers to push debris off roads.

An additional five to ten AFC employees are checking AWIN* sites for the Arkansas Department of Information Services to see if propane trucks can get to the tower sites to refill the emergency generators fuel tanks.

Currently, 2 seven-member strike teams from southern Arkansas are on standby waiting to dispatch to north Arkansas.  A strike team is one team leader and three two-person chainsaw crews.

On Wednesday, a three-person chainsaw crew worked in Craighead County.  The Craighead County Ranger is meeting with county officials today to see where AFC crews will be needed on Friday.

*AWIN is the Arkansas Wireless Information Network that connects more than 13,000 Arkansas first responders to a statewide network.