Power Outage Problems Continue In Pocahontas

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) -- Ice and snow still blankets much of Pocahontas. City streets are lined with trees and power lines overwhelmed with ice, many already past their breaking point. Fannie Graham will be cleaning up for a long time. The tree she's admired outside her window for more than 30 years, almost made it inside.

"When I realized that it didn't come through the house, I thought well I'm ok so no need crying," said Graham.

Just down the road, residents desperate for fuel waited in line for hours.

"We're screwed. We're having to melt snow to flush the toilets. It's horrible," said Ava Leutholt.

She has been without power since Tuesday.  This Florida native says this ice storm is worse than any hurricane she's ever been through.

"My husband has been cutting trees out of our driveway since 6:00 this morning just so we could get here," said Leutholt.

"You just think, well thank God I'm alive," said Graham.

For Fannie Graham, she says she knows it could have been a lot worse.  Despite not knowing how long it will be before power is fully restored, she's thankful for the roof over her head--even if that roof has a tree on it.

"I'll fix it...this is home, and I'll live here," said Graham.