Kennett Residents Wait for Power to Be Restored

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - Folks in Kennett wait impatiently for any news of when the power will come back in their city.
"We've been here since Tuesday afternoon. It's been hard," Sheila McCaig said.
She is one of hundreds of people in Kennett who found themselves leaving home to stay in a shelter.
That means eating your meal at a table with strangers, sleeping on a cot surrounded by dozens of others, and knowing most everyone here would rather be somewhere else.
Still, McCaig is one of the lucky  ones.
Amber Thompson says volunteers couldn't house her and her four children, because they didn't have enough cots.  
"We're staying in our house and we've got it barricaded off. We've got some baloney got some bread not much money, so we've been coming here for breakfasts and lunches," she said.
"Most of my friends come here so they can be safe and I really hope my momma will say that there's room here so we can stay too," her son Noah said. 
City leaders say they know how bad people are suffering.  They hope the national guard helps check on folks still in their homes and say they are working with electric crews to restore power to the area. 
"There's a huge number of lines and poles down and it's going to take months to put it back in place," Mayor Roger Wheeler said.
He also hopes a dusk to dawn curfew prevents looters breaking into vacant homes.
"Anyone on foot will go to jail," Wheeler said.
That's comforting to folks like Sheila McCaig who says she's at the shelter for the long haul.
"You just don't know who your friends are until something like this happens," she said.
Volunteers with the Red Cross ask you to bring blow up mattresses, blankets and pillows with you, if you plan on trying to get into a shelter.
They are also hoping for more cots to arrive so they can house more people in the area.