Shelter still open in Jonesboro

Thousands of people are still without power across region eight and there is still a place for them to go in Jonesboro for shelter.

ASU's Convocation Center is open until Sunday for storm victims. Hundreds of people are escaping their dark, cold homes for the center.

Residents are greeted with a cot, warm meal and a hot shower when they arrive. There are two big screen TV's and activites for children. The American Red Cross says they are doing everything they can to help during these hard times.

"We've got schedules for the showers, there's breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are just trying to get people in the routine to make it easier for them," said American Red Cross Worker Hermon Deklerk.

If you still plan to stay in a shelter, don't forget your pillow, blanket, toiletries and toys for your children.

The American Red Cross is also taking donations at the Convocation Center. Items like clothes, hygiene products and water are in high demand.

The shelter will stay open past Sunday if there is a demand as well.