Sharp County is Hit Again

SHARP COUNTY (KAIT) The ice is melting in Sharp county but the effects of the storm will take weeks to recover from.

No power, no water, no phones.

For one more time, Sharp county has lost a battle with nature.

Joe Christie, "How much can you do to prepare? if you ain't got no electricity and you ain't got no gas there's not really much you can do with all the lines down and all the trees across the road it's horrible, it looks like a war zone."

Joe Christie had his wife and four kids with him. He along with many others was waiting for a propane fill up after buying a grill.

"We were able to get out, finally get us a little grill and of course Wal Mart doesn't have any propane tanks right now so we had to go buy a propane tank and then you got to pay to fill it. "

Williford has no water and in Hardy the lack of power is causing a severe water shortage.

There's less than a foot left in the water tanks and no generator to power the pump to refill them. There's been one promised but no sign of it yet.

Sharp county has seen more than its fair share of disaster.

Judge Larry Brown, "This is probably the worst disaster I remember ever hitting Sharp county. This is the fourth disaster in 11 months and this by far impacts the most people."

I met Harold Ellis on Fire Tower road, one small stretch of 11 hundred tree covered roads.

"No we didn't count on the ice storm but you have em. They don't usually last but a couple days. This one's going to be on for a week or more. But nothing to it."

The Ellises don't have any electricity which means no water. But utility trucks were heading their way.

The debris covered roads also present a serious problem for rural fire departments.

Chief William James, Martin Creek VFD, "..had a house fire paged yesterday morning and we couldn't get our trucks to it but I did get on the radio to Ravenden and Ravenden Springs come in from the back side and did get the house put out."

Like early explorers they are having to cut their own paths.

"We been cutting every day. And we still got side roads that are impassable."

There are 2 shelters in Sharp county 1 is at the Ash Flat Church of Christ and one at the Assembly of God church in Highland.