Blytheville, Manila Still Have No Power

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR -- Anywhere you go in Mississippi County you will see trucks from power companies in Region 8 to help restore the electricity.

"We've not had any power here except for the generators that have been brought in," said Manila Police Captain James Skinner.

One of those generators is helping supply power to the City Hall and another is providing water and sewer.  When the power went out, so did the pumps that get those services to residents.  It could be a while more before power is back on in Manila.

"First we were hearing two weeks now we're hearing a week before power is back on," said Skinner.

Up Highway 18 in Blytheville things are a little better.

About 75% of the people in Blytheville are still without power.

"You're sitting at home in the dark and there's nothing to do.  You're getting stir crazy waiting for the power to come back on its cold its dark at home," said Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson.

Most streets in Blytheville are clear but tree piles are the evidence of the devastation of the storm.