Trouble Spots Remain for Jonesboro's City, Water & Light

JONESBORO --  Trouble-shooting the tough spots.   That's what Jonesboro City, Water and Light says it's doing as the electric company works to repair "pockets" of the community still without power.  But, there are a few ways to speed the process.

"The end of it is right over here," said Jennifer Douglas, a resident of Rosemond Street, just down the street from Jonesboro's Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies Magnet School.  With wires down right at her front door...and many more in the yard,"  Jennifer Douglas is anxious for electricity.

"Power envy, we have alot of power envy," laughs Douglas.

Envy because people one street over have electricity, while she's having to cook food in the fireplace.

"We've been cooking on the logs," explained Douglas.  "That does help.  I've actually done a little cooking on the logs. Cooking on the gas logs..becuase there's just really nothing else you can do."

Douglas is one of many residents who live in "pockets" or segments of Jonesboro without power.

"People without power are really hurting right now," said Ron Bowen, Jonesboro City, Water & Light.  "To be off a day is no where as demanding as being off four or five days.  Even though its warmed up, especially for the elderly, the sick, the children, those houses are cold."

Bowen says some repair work is hampered by the sheer number of motorists on city streets.  He urges people to stay home if they can, or at least go around the street where utility crews are working.  Falling tree limbs have not just wrecked havoc on power lines, but on lines leading up to homes.  Knowing where a homeowner's responsibility begins and ends can be a big help in restoring electricity.

"Often there's switching equipment and so forth," explained Bowen.  "Lot of times there's conduit like this going up. It may go through an eve or an overhang.  It may come inside the building and come out some kind of way.  Basically all of this is the responsibility of the homeowner.  At the top as you see there's some wires with two little knots on them.  The wire coming in is the utilities. Those two little knots are where the wires are connected.  Typically the connector belongs to the utility. From there out is ours, from there in is the customer.  If you see any damage that you're aware of or even if these connectors at the top look pulled, you probably would want to have an electrician check that and make that safe for you."

For some, life has returned to normal...and for that, they are thankful.  A sign rests in one Jonesboro yard, spray painted in big block letters:  "Thank u CWL."

"We've got some big pine trees and they fell and hit the roof and kind of knocked our porch crooked," said Skip Mooney, Jr.  His son painted the sign after the utility came out to their home to make repairs.  "We've been real fortunate.

If you believe the meter box on your house has been damaged by the storm, you might want to contact an electrician, as Bowen mentioned.  And as for people still without power in Jonesboro, crews are working on those "trouble" areas.   Bowen says some spots just may take longer than others--based on the extent of the damage.